Bangtan Bomb (PL)

140620 [BANGTAN BOMB] Always happy happy boy, j hope !

140807 [BANGTAN BOMB] Before BTS Special stage

140809 [BANGTAN BOMB] Friday & Some with BTS

140825 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS stretching Time

140826 [BANGTAN BOMB] Runway in the night

141107 [BANGTAN BOMB] Rapmon’s Dance lesson

141110 BANGTAN BOMB how to take a selfie

141111 [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA’s sleep mate

141112 [BANGTAN BOMB] Beautiful (BTS ver.)

141116 [BANGTAN BOMB] lip sync princes

141121 [BANGTAN BOMB] V’s monologue

141124 [BANGTAN BOMB] what are BTS members doing (j-hope cam)

141130 [BANGTAN BOMB] Hi~Camera~This…..??

141208 [BANGTAN BOMB] Pretty Age 25 turn up!

141211 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS’ Stream of consciousness Bomb

141225 [BANGTAN BOMB] What Jimin wants to say to j hope is…

150101 [BANGTAN BOMB] 2015 01 01, After countdown event

150101 [BANGTAN BOMB] Who are Elders in BTS? lol

150105 [BANGTAN BOMB] Rap Monster’s performance class

150106 [BANGTAN BOMB] Finding Jung Kook by Jimin PD 2

150106 [BANGTAN BOMB] MAL dance made by j hope

150108 [BANGTAN BOMB] like in a singing roon

150109 [BANGTAN BOMB] Practicing for Show Music core special MC

150119 [BANGTAN BOMB] 95z dance time with a Beat app

150119 [BANGTAN BOMB] follow BTS! 2222 Jimin Cam

150120 [BANGTAN BOMB] always rhythmically!

150123 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jin and Jimins Push up time

150125 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS at the 24th Seoul Music Awards

150126 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jin and Jimins Push up time 2

150126 [BANGTAN BOMB] the 29th Golden Disc Awards in Beijing (BTS Self cam)

150129 [BANGTAN BOMB] Forest of Dreamsby Kinetic Flow in Beijing

150206 BOMB it s tricky is title! BTS, here we go! by Run–D M C

150202 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS at the 4th Gaon chart Awards 2015

150216 [BANGTAN BOMB] j hope vs 95z

150217 [BANGTAN BOMB] touch my body~ body~ j hope likes this song!

150217 [BANGTAN BOMB] Let’s dry hair ~ lalalalalala~

150218 [BANGTAN BOMB] Boys over Flowers


150305 [BANGTAN BOMB] j hope s RoboCop Jimin

150312 [BANGTAN BOMB] V took a A R M Y BombFan light!

150315 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS rhythmical farce! LOL

150418 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS rookie Camera Director Jung Kookie 😀

150418 [BANGTAN BOMB] Only j-hope’s New Year’s greeting

150515 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook’s self-cam with seagull in the sea (Jacket Shooting)

150518 [BANGTAN BOMB] Recording I NEED U chorus in BTS choir

150629 [BANGTAN BOMB] UP down UP UP down @ dream concert

150703 [BANGTAN BOMB] 1st meeting with Seolbing ?!

150705 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Waking-up HOBI CAM @Dream concert

150706 [BANGTAN BOMB] j-hope’s solo special Dance stage @Dream Concert 

150708 [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA&Rap Monster’s special Collaboration stage @Dream Concert

150714 [BANGTAN BOMB] JungKook’s CUPID shot- O MY Seagull !

150715 [BANGTAN BOMB] j-hope’s gesture at ‚DOPE’ MV

150719 [BANGTAN BOMB] omg j-hope world aegyo king (with V)

150806 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook PD’s directing

150813 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook with Fun

150821 [BANGTAN BOMB] Bike Rider

150826 [BANGTAN BOMB] Singer j-hope & SUGA

150829 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jimin: I got yes jam

150902 [BANGTAN BOMB] It’s the pose when BTS sleep normally

150903 [BANGTAN BOMB] Becoming younger brother

150905 [BANGTAN BOMB] Happy barbecue dance Performance

150921 [BANGTAN BOMB] who is the wave Dance king of BTS?

150928 [BANGTAN BOMB] Cheerleader jin with ARMY Bomb ─○”

150929 [BANGTAN BOMB] a 400-meter relay race @ 아육대

160930 [BANGTAN BOMB] Shooting guard SUGA with cheerleader 2 Jimin

151005 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jimin self cam with A.R.M.Y

151120 [BANGTAN BOMB] Know-how for making a handsome look (bonus. Mr.lip balm-JK)

151207 [BANGTAN BOMB] Music bank special MC V

151211 [BANGTAN BOMB] Ingigayo Special MC debut Rap Monster

151213 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jimin’s self camera (RUN 151204 ver.)

151215 [BANGTAN BOMB] Playing the rhythm game (..and V’s making a song )

151221 [BANGTAN BOMB] 2 brushes for Jung Kook’s teeth

151223 [BANGTAN BOMB] Sleeping Baby bothered with Jin

151230 [BANGTAN BOMB] sleepy j-hope

151231 [BANGTAN BOMB] Happy new year 2016!

160108 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS 5th Win @ real last day of ‚RUN’

160112 [BANGTAN BOMB] Hide and seek with JM, V, JK (#1)

160113 [BANGTAN BOMB] Hide and seek with JM, V, JK (#2)

160210 [BANGTAN BOMB] a 400-meter relay race @ 2016 설특집 아육대

160215 [BANGTAN BOMB] Dessert time @-@

160219 [BANGTAN BOMB] Perfect boys 2015

160220 [BANGTAN BOMB] SUGA is trying to wear contact lenses.

160223 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jimin s singing Butterfly over a loudspeaker

160223 [BANGTAN BOMB] j-hope’s singing RUN over a loudspeaker

160226 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook is still a baby

160418 [BANGTAN BOMB] Actor Kim with Kook PD

160418 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook’s shopping

160426 [BANGTAN BOMB] Snowball fight (Jimin’s cam)

160505 [BANGTAN BOMB] ‚Hand In Hand’ @ISAC 2016

160519 [BANGTAN BOMB] ‚Show! Music Core’ Special MC Jung kook!

160521 [BANGTAN BOMB] BTS Ingigayo 1st win and Jin & RM Special MC

160601 [BANGTAN BOMB] 방탄소년단 ‚뱁새’ Dance Practice ‚흥’ ver

160606 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 1 Jimin & V ‚s Self Camera

160606 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 2 RM’s solo cut shooting

160606 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 3 j hope & JK at MV shooting

160606 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 6 Jin’s practice before the shooting

160606 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 7 Jimin is elder than JK LOL

160606 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 5 Let’s make an autograph!

160607 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 4 SUGA’s Solo cut shooting

160607 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 9 lip sync Big Hit Christmas carol

160607 [BANGTAN BOMB] Special BANGTAN BOMB 10 We are bulletproof

160614 [BANGTAN BOMB] ‚FIRE’ MV Shooting Free gesture Time

160616 [BANGTAN BOMB] Dancing with Rain

160624 [BANGTAN BOMB] The Amazing Spider kook !